WispSwap liquidity and slippage Great project to the future benefits for the members

WispSwap’s liquidity pool design is based on the concept of a “dynamic liquidity pool” which allows liquidity providers to receive a share of trading fees proportional to the amount of liquidity they provide. This design incentivizes liquidity providers to add more liquidity to the pool, leading to better liquidity and reduced slippage for traders.
Our proposal is to create liquidity pools for various cryptocurrency assets on our DEX platform. Users can deposit their assets into these pools and receive liquidity pool tokens in return. These tokens can be used to participate in our yield farming program, which will offer competitive rewards for users who lend or stake their liquidity pool tokens.

We will generate rewards for yield farmers from the trading fees generated by our DEX platform and additional incentives provided by us. The yield farming program will be easy to participate in, and users can view their rewards in real-time and withdraw them at any time.

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