Change of project Font

Hi team,
My proposal, although quite small compared to the many of the other ideas, is to change the font.

I suggested this a few times on zealy tasks so I want to officially propose it. My reasoning is because the current font is very basic and in my honest opinion looks unprofessional. It does not instil confidence of a successful project. If you look at similar projects on Sui and other chains as an example, their websites look far more professional and eye catching. The website (and font) is the first thing a new person sees. If it is sleek and professional then it will attract more people. Using a very basic font looks lazy and unprofessional.

Thank you

  • EzoZno

Absolutely, I agree :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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yes you are absolutely right, there is a need to change the font and also we need a darker version of website

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:heart::heart:good intake and work

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