[Wisp Official] Community Vote: Strengthening Sui Ecosystem Together

Dear WispSwap Community,

We are seeking your input on an important matter. We propose running a campaign aimed at building credibility and restoring trust within Sui ecosystem. As valued members of Wisp community, we believe your opinion is crucial in shaping the direction of this initiative.

Campaign Proposal:
Our proposed campaign aims to showcase the legitimacy and value of Sui network by leveraging the collective strength of reputable projects, including WispSwap’s trusted partners. Through a series of airdrop campaigns, media coverage, and an innovative distribution mechanism, we can foster engagement and rebuild trust within Sui community. Our primary focus will be on users who have been affected by scam projects. By reaching out to this specific audience segment, we can address their concerns, rebuild trust, and foster engagement within Sui community.

Note: we want to assure you that WispSwap’s airdrop allocation to this campaign is separate from our airdrop allocation to our early adopters. Wisp community member’s early contribution to WispSwap will be rewarded without a doubt. Additionally, understand that some Wisp community members have also been victims of these scam projects.

Community Vote:
We kindly request your participation in the community vote to determine whether to proceed with the proposed campaign. Your vote will help us gauge community support and make an informed decision.

To vote, please choose one of the following options in our poll below:
Option A: I support running WispSwap’s Proposed Campaign.
Option B: I do not support running WispSwap’s Proposed Campaign.

Thank you for your active involvement in shaping the future of WispSwap and Sui ecosystem. Together, we can make a significant impact in strengthening our community.

Best regards,
WispSwap Labs

  • Support WispSwap’s Campaign
  • Do Not Support WispSwap’s Campaign

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C’mon do this to encourage the community


Whatever the result of this proposal i like this community and the wish the best for us. I am proid to be an active member of this community. @AlexH go ahead.

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Very Kind Gesture WispSwap :innocent:… I Myself is a victim of scam project called “SuiDex”, I participated in their ido with 1000 sui at the time of listing team didn’t put enough liquidity & i sold my tokens for only 140 sui…No team member give replies now its very much clear that project was not genuine and came only with an intention to loot peoples money.

I hope we can recover sone of our funds through wispswap Airdrop…:+1:


The Wispswap campaign will go along way

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Good - The Wispswap campaign will go along way :orange_heart:

I go with Support Campaign, guys!

This proposal has my total support!.. Glad to be part of this community and project with all scammers around

Good luck everyone :heart:

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i am victim of scammer sever time and i lost 9500 USDT and i hope someday recovery

Of course we support always

Keep support for the Project wispswap

For Sure We all are one community and to build a strong project the community should be engaged and should also compensate in means of some rewards… scammers now a days are on every where and looking to fool the innocent one’s … Project should take some measurement regarding it and help the victims …

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Whatever is the result I’ll go with it as long as it can benefit the community

i support wispswap campaign so keep going guys!

Go on with this proposal! Have credibility is mad crypto world is so important.

Let’s go. Will keep support WispSwap

I will really hope that everything will work out … To be honest, now there is no faith at all … Absolutely.
After the IDO scam, after many projects, after which everything went negative (suia) And if you consider that I didn’t get into the sui Ido, although the discord was suitable … I have no strength. Almost a year of work did not pay off, but, on the contrary, was driven into a minus.

I have one hope for you! Don’t let me down!

Wisp swap great project let’s go to the mooon

Nice job keep going :innocent: