[URGENT] WispSwap Public IDO: Community Deliberation and Voting

Dear Wisp Community,

We would like to initiate a community-wide discussion regarding the timing of our public Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on the WispSwap platform. As a community-driven project, your input and perspectives are crucial in making important decisions. Therefore, we present the following information for your consideration:

Market Conditions:
Recent market fluctuations have raised concerns about the optimal timing for our public IDO. Bitcoin and Sui prices experienced a temporary decline, indicating a challenging market environment. However, it is important to note that our team remains confident in the potential of Sui blockchain and anticipates future price movements.

Launchpad Collaboration:
Several reputable launchpads, including Poolz Finance, Seedify, Spores and Gate.io launchpad, have expressed interest in collaborating with WispSwap. Collaborating with a launchpad involves a comprehensive due diligence process, including technical reviews, team background checks, and the formulation of marketing plans, which may take 1-2 weeks to ensure maximum community awareness and engagement.

Community Concerns about Scam Pojects:
The presence of certain scam projects, such as Suidex, ObjectSwap and SuiFusion, has understandably affected trust levels within the Sui community. We acknowledge the importance of establishing our credibility and differentiating ourselves from such projects. Collaborating with reputable launchpads can help verify our project’s legitimacy and build confidence among community members.

CEX Listing:
In addition to the public IDO, we have been actively working on finalizing agreements with major centralized exchanges (CEXs) such as Bybit, Gate.io, OKX, MEXC and BKEX. The due diligence process with these CEXs also requires a significant amount of time. Listing on reputable CEXs can expand our reach and provide more liquidity options for our community members.

Strengthening Our Product:
While WispSwap boasts a range of innovative features, our marketing efforts have not yet reached their full potential. We believe that further enhancing our product presentation, including video content and influencer collaborations, can provide a more comprehensive and competitive offering to our community.

Notable Distinctions of WispSwap:
To further strengthen WispSwap team’s credibility, we would like to highlight a few key points:

  1. Smart Contract Audit: WispSwap’s smart contracts have undergone a comprehensive audit by Movebit, ensuring robustness and security.
  2. Sui Blockchain Engagement: We have been actively engaged with Sui community since its early days, participating in numerous Sui-related offline events and establishing strong relationships within the ecosystem.
  3. Transparent Community Engagement: Our commitment to transparency is evident in our track record of seeking community input and incorporating it into our decision-making process. For instance, we chose to reject VC funding based on community votes.

We invite each member of our community to review and consider the provided information. We value your thoughts, concerns and suggestions as we collectively shape the future of WispSwap. Therefore, we present the following voting options for your consideration.:

Option 1: Make the Presale (Whitelist) and Public Sale IDO as Planned
Proceed with the Presale (whitelist) and Public sale IDO on the WispSwap platform as originally scheduled for 18th May. This option maintains the current roadmap and provides an opportunity for community members to participate in the IDO.

Option 2: Split Whitelist and Public IDO
Conduct the Presale (whitelist) round on the WispSwap platform as planned, followed by the Public IDO on reputable launchpads. This option involves a slight delay in token claim time for whitelist buyers, but it allows us to leverage the credibility and exposure provided by launchpads.

Option 3: Delay Both Rounds
Postpone both the Presale (whitelist) round and Public sale round until we finalize agreements with launchpads and centralized exchanges (CEXs). This delay aims to ensure the best benefits for the community, as we secure strong partnerships and listings. While this option requires patience, it allows us to maximize the potential of our launch.

We encourage each member of Wisp community to vote for the option they believe aligns best with their interests and the long-term success of WispSwap. Your vote will have a direct impact on the future trajectory of Wisp community and WispSwap platform.

We highly value your input and trust, and we are committed to transparency and community consensus. Let’s work together to shape the future of WispSwap and achieve our collective goals.

Thank you,
Wisp team

  • Option 1: Make the Presale (Whitelist) and Public Sale IDO as Planned
  • Option 2: Split Whitelist Round and Public Round
  • Option 3: Delay Both Rounds

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Vote for No. 1.

If you mention BKEX that bad for your project, no volume, bad service to customer. Why ? I am former their marketing team…Gate.io, Mexc and Bybit is good…

The problem about market condition now it’s not cause challenging market environment. But more to SUI image, new project with many problem and scam project, this make lowers the value and reputation of Sui, but that is our risk, continuing to delay the plan will cause further damage to the WispSwap project’s image. It would be better if we keep going and show that WispSwap is one of the quality and integrity projects at Sui.

We must run IDO at our WispSwap platform.


well, i go with option 3 for the max potential of the launch!


Running IDO on its own platform is a redflag in cryptoverse, running to reputable launchpad means team will be dox. Its ok to delay, Wispswap needs community, with only 24k discord members and low community engagement no one will buy your coin lol. lets just compare to suiswap with almost 400k members.


Sui Fusion :smiling_face_with_tear: My dep rip

I really want everything to go well! The market is terrible right now. I would love to participate in any of the rounds … But there are simply no funds. And there is nowhere to take it, because the market is dumped


I think you need to be patient. I see third option is the best way for wispswap founders and community


We should delay the launch of Ido due to market condition, not a good idea if we rush things up


I am one of those in the WL but I voted for option number 3, slowly but surely.

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The project will gain more trust id the IDO will take place on a Launchpad.

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Suidex have many members now see what happen ? Don’t compare it, coz every project hqve their own strategy.

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And…if the market condition better we will be more ready to boost…just keep your secret ingredient, and prepare it carefully and then release it when the market is excited…if we pass the hard time we will much stonger when condition start better.

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i think you misunderstood, im saying project needs a community before IDO, Look what happen to suidex when they run their IDO in their own platform. They have the control on the money of the investors. majority of scams projects run IDO to their own platform. Crypto OG’s already know that


Please tell your friends, we must be responsible and prudent for our own investment, and for the good of the project, please choose 3 and vote 3 for the vote in the announcement, thank you for all the support brothers, I believe the result will be good!


Marketing by Wispswap and reputable CEX/DEX is key. Look at Turbos, which had the market leader DAOMaker, but Kucoin did not doo much marketing and Turbos was very slow.
You can either have a botched IDO now, or prepare better…

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change your vote to 3 guys… do not rush for a good result. make sure wisp entry cex first

Conduct the presale (whitelist) round on the WispSwap platform as planned, but only for NFT holders. Followed later by the 2nd presale (whitelist) round of Public IDO on reputable launchpads. Thus, those who failed to enter the WL will have the opportunity to do so. as well as new ones from launchpads and partners


for any project, revenue & income is always utmost important to support the project to run. usually first move advantage will grab larger pool such as cetus which already appeared in defi llama.
once there’s steady revenue, team can start expanding


The project will gain more trust id the IDO will take place on a Launchpad.

Why not Kucoin as an option? I think we should not let the opinions on the market affect us in such a way, btc is currently just dealing with the brc-20 situation… we shouldnt let any outside opinions & fud stop us from achieving our goals, if we are generally bullish on crypto as a whole, then we should continue as if nothing else matters. I think personally what matters is becoming a functional protocol on Sui as soon as safely possible so to provide a place for early users of the Sui Network to go, currently there arent many options. And I cant wait for Wispswap to go live on Mainnet!


You always want to take the time to put your best effort out there for public use. Anything less than that effort will always invite regret into the conversation. I am anxious to see this project start as much as anyone else, but to hold onto the original timeline when a slight delay could bring a greater and broader audience to the project, would surely be equivalent to lining the path for sustained growth with obstacles to be navigated and overcome. Put your best project out there with a strong chance of success for wider adoption and user presence, and the project will take off and reward perseverance and patience! We are only talking a slight delay. Build up positions and reap the reward of great project with a stronger footing when it is unleashed! For anyone serious about a long term position, this is the way!

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