Suggestions on expanding the Network. #Wispswap

Proposal 1: Enhanced Onboarding and Training Program: Equip your current team with the right resources to get things fired up.

Proposal 2: Incentive and Recognition Programs. A little slice of cake can and will always be one of the primary motivating fuel

Proposal 3: Strengthened Communication and Collaboration Channels. Smart communicators are always on top of the game closing deals and growing networks as big as what we have here in WispSwap.

What do you think fam? :sunglasses:

Letzzzz goooo!! :heart_on_fire:


Overall, these proposals seem to address important areas for improvement within the organization. By focusing on onboarding and training, incentives and recognition, and communication and collaboration, the organization can foster a more motivated and efficient workforce.


Absolutely! Can’t agree less :100:

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It seems all o.k. for me

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