Let’s talk about Airdrop guys

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WispSwap points are created to measure the contribution of community members in promoting WispSwap, and participating in community events. These points can be earned through various activities that help to increase awareness, adoption, and utilization of WispSwap.

How WispSwap Points Work: After the launch of WispSwap platform’s mainnet, a set amount of $WISP governance token’s total supply will be airdropped during the TGE by the WispSwap team. The tokens will be fairly distributed based on the number of points each community member has accumulated. The more points you accumulate, the more tokens you will receive.

How to Obtain WispSwap Points:

  • Participate in events organized by WispSwap
  • Collect WispSwap Galxe OATs
  • Collect WispSwap Discord unique roles such as Early Wisp OG, Exclusive OG, Server Booster, Adept Wisp, Master Wisp and Ancient Wisp
  • Complete Zealy tasks
  • Contribute to the development of the WispSwap ecosystem. Such as proposing new features, improving existing ones, or providing feedback. Points that may be awarded depend upon the quality of the idea/whether it is implemented, or not.
  • Remain active on WispSwap Discord Server
  • Number of invites new users to the platform

Formula is, Zealy XP converts at a rate of 1:0.35 /Discord XP converts at a rate of 1:0.25.

Additional Points can be earn from:

  • Wisp Booster: 3000 WispSwap Points
  • Exclusive Wisp OG: 4000 WispSwap Points
  • Early Wisp OG: 5000 WispSwap Points

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