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Good evening, I’m a web3 lover. In addition to SUI, I often touch EVM.

There is a detailed guide on airdrops on discord, so what kind of function will this DEX grow? I would like to think about whether users are happy.

I would like to mention some topics.

・Concentrated Liquidity
Concentrated Liquidity | Uniswap
・Asymmetric Liquidity

In order to increase capital efficiency, we are evolving in the direction of creating a pool by predicting where trades will occur. I’m a beginner, so I’m having trouble operating it. There are also protocols like gumma to solve this.

I thought that a product design that matches the Defi level of the SUI user group would be required.

②Governance & growth LTV
・Ve token
veToken Model and its Impact 2
Recently, it seems that there are many protocols that use the mechanism of vetoken. It’s a positive system for early users and long-term contributing users.
Since SUI is a very new protocol, should I consider whether Ve token is necessary from the beginning? Also, is it possible to have Ve tokens that are not only period and amount (such as changing the value depending on contribution activities including other oracles)?

A new protocol needs a good Launchpad and gets noticed. SUI also has a lot of Launchpads in the works. Are there any successful cases that come with DEX and also have a Launchpad? ? I haven’t been able to confirm much.

It’s been a long time since I wrote this, but I’d be happy if we could discuss various things.

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