Increase community airdrop from 1% to 2%

Hello, I have been a supporter of WispSawp since the beginning. The main projects in Sui have been conducted through promotion by its community via Zealy. All the major projects have promised airdrops to reward such support, but none have been as low as WispSwap’s. A project whose hype has been based on a potential airdrop will be born almost dead if people don’t support it after distribution.

I am aware that an airdrop that is too large generates sales pressure, but an increase of 1% to 2% would make it possible to encourage that greater airdrop to be reinvested in the protocol, with the returns it offers. If the community is barely rewarded for its weeks of promotion and support, it will sell and go to other projects that have generated more engagement.


I agree about the “airdrop” reward being low aspect, and agree about how increasing this amount could be very good for the platform to gain some traction and traffic, however I suggest that if the amount is in fact raised, that there be a system in place that would hold the amount of “airdropped” tokens in an account for later distrubution.


i’m in all hand if percentage could be increased alt let user stake the token with higher dividend. that should lower down sell pressure

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Hello, I have a great suggestion to increase the airdrop to 5

Totally agree with this!

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